Travelling log 2

day 2

Log 2. Day 2
After recuperating Lok and Adria Charges the guard and Cuts him apart before he sounds alarm, then we silently sneaks through the tunnels and locate a room where in there is a huge mechanical Contraption that produces a lot of electricity that streams through large coils and powered the defenses.
As me and Adria Clears the room and Lok decides to search the contraptions and locate a man down there, we decide that all living beings has a certain right to freedom and slavery is illegal in the entire realm. So as is just we release him from his captivity he Electrifies the two people that enter the room as he gets up, and after Lok once more demonstrates his iron clad self control that he has built up through his training and slowly defuses the situation and we find out that he is a Project from Hansol, whom considers Hansol to be his oppressor, and a man whom should be justly punished. By vote we decide that the smart move would be to let Zephyr join us, at least till we are back in the city, so that he can decide without being weighted down by what he feels that he owes us in a situation that could make it so that he could feel pressed to choose a certain way for his own safety.
And as we processed deeper into the hideout we locate a room with two gemstones on pedestals and a lightning kissed staff that Zephyr recognises as his, as some type of foci for his elementally focused arcane prowess.
Reunited with his staff he projects and aura that gives on the impression of the building storm around him, the air around him starts to crackle ever so slightly with the electric sparks of lightning.
The group ventures from the upper part of the base and locates the entry point into the cavern base itself, as Lok Kicks the doors in we stand ready to take all that is behind the door, and as the door they fall to the floor with the sounds of wood splintering upon iron and stone, Adria unleashes the essence of acid unto the guards that can do naught but stare in awe at the majestic image that is presented from the group.
As both are encased in the essence of all things acidic Lok and Adria Charges them and their compatriots, as we see 7 of them in at this level of the cavern, 2 of them standing on a bridge and three more in the other end of the room.
2 of them shoots at aria while the rest attempts to hit Lok, deeming me a non threat as i stand there with a cooking spoon. And not having spotted Zephyr.
As they charge Adria takes a Bolt to the throat and simply roars as challenge, the bolt visibly moving along with her Vocal Cords. Despite this She Continues her charge along with Lok, and they reach the bandits and strike them down where they stand as Zephyr unleashes the storms that they used to fuel their defenses unto them, instantaneously killing one of the 7. As they Fight i create the image of an brutal orc with blood flowing down his weapon to distract the enemies and to provide some Cover, not that it is needed for most of the battle, but the bandits do spend a lot of time trying to bring down the bloodied orc rather than Lok or Adria.
As they put the bandits to the sword, one of them cowardly stabs adria through the stomach despite dueling Lok, This results in Lok Knightley as he is pushing him away and cowering the space between adria and the bandit with his own body as i scurry up to her and bind her wounds while Lok and Zephyr takes the life of the remaining bandits.
Quickly she is stabilised and we clear one of the adjacent rooms as Lok brings her back with the Might bestowed upon him by the Dragon king Bahamut. Zephyr Rips the door from the wall with the power of the storms and we locate the quarters of Hansol, The Leader of the dissident Bandits. As we search the room Adria even finds his hidden shrine to Bane, the evil god of war. The lord of darkness. We manage to locate some of his papers and some merchant ledgers that shows from whom his organisation has stolen, as well as revealing that it is indeed a conspiracy, since he is being backed from someone from the city whom goes by the acronym of L. this L provides him with funding so that he can weaken the emperor’s cousin. As we find all that there is to find here, we continue to search the level and find an exit to the forest itself.
After having located this we proceed further down into the depths of the thieving den, the sound of the thundering waterfall symbolically reminding us of what will happen should we fall, as the water pounds the stone beneath, so shall these dissident bandits pound the city.
On the second floor we see that there are 8 guards loitering around.
Lok and Adrias takes the Charge once more, while Zephyr simply flings lightning directly at them, slowly burning them with the power of pure lightning as the gnats they are.
I follow behind Lok and Adria, Keeping them covered as well as i can with a few strategically placed clouds of darkness, making it impossible to see for the bandits some of the time. During the charge however, Adria once more gets struck by the cowardly bandits, once more with a bolt, this time through the stomach, after having shielded herself from the previous one with the arcane powers.
Once more however, she is tough enough that with a simple bandage and removal of the bolt is enough to keep her stable, i keep her covered and shield her from any further bolts with my body while Zephyr and Lok Clears out the last 2 bandits

Day 2. bullet points.
We kill the guard and take the alarm bell.
We Locate the Stormborn, Project Zephyr,
We locate Project Zephyrs Things.
We kick down the door to the Main Cavern room.
We kill guards. Adria goes down.
We locate and Loot Hansols room, Secret room with bane shrine, Letter from L. We Locate the Medium War Galleon.
We find Main exit into the Forest.
We go to the Second level.
We ambush 8 guards, and kill them. Adria goes down.



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