Travelling log 3

Day 2 Continued

Log 3. Day 2
As Adria and Lok looks into checking out whether or not a leather armor can be refitted to fit. As they do so i silently i listen at the doors. And we locate their sleeping quarters and what could be their planning room.
We enter the sleeping quarter and start attacking the bandits that are trying to ambush us from in there, a full 40 bandits attempts to ambush us, and we heroically takes the fight.
I call upon the image of the Ancient Ghostdragon Frostwing and makes him roar, 20 or so of the bandits flee in terror from the room, leaving all that they have.
As thunder, lightning and Acid flies across the air, 12 of the bandits fall beneath the arcane Might of Zephyr and Adria.
The dragon continues to roar and the bandits stands there, in disbelief and spends quite some time trying to get their wits together. As they do so they all start firing at Lok, while Zephyr Hides behind the entrance and charging his spells behind the wall, stepping forth to unleash might of the storms upon the bandits. While Lok once more Charges unto the breach, With his shield held high, the Might of bahamut covering him in his divine embrace.
As adria attacks one of the once more places a bolt through her throat, but once more she heroically keeps fighting. Even as the battle continues one of the bandits once more stabs her through the stomach, right into where she previously was stabbed, and she goes down, and even as i move to try to get to her, Zephyr dashes past me with the speed of lightning and closes the wounds with the heat of lightning and throws lightning towards the last 2 standing bandits as 5 of the have fallen asleep during the battle. And one of them dies to the frostbite that slowly freezes his veins.
But as the last 5 stand they two more falls down as they keep trying to and the last 3 falls down as they. And as the last few falls down.
We search the room and find the exit that the 20 others have fled from, we start to interrogate the one that Lok captured. And he tells us that Hansol is behind the door with a few officers.
Meanwhile Adria Casts a Ritual of Detect magic.
And Lok in a fit of controllable Force throws a Bed that hits Zephyr, as i go to ask him to make sure to aim a bit better next time, that results me getting a bed to my face that knocks me on my ass. He Apologises like the good natured man that he is, and then we all 3 sit down and plot our plan of attack on Hansol.
As we finish our plotting, we find out that Hansol have anticipated, as we go to the lowest level and as we remove the guarding bandits, then Lok rips off the door and together with zephyr they shoot the door across the ground together with 6 bandits.
Following this we storm the ship. Lok Carrying me while i fire a Crossbow that i picked up from some of the bandits together with some bolts.
Adria Speeds ahead and stops the mask carrier as well as hansol from being able to throw the land bridge into the ocean. As Adria battles Mask and Hansol the rest of us rush up to her, Heroically she keeps them both at bay while Lok charges across the bridge. With me and Zephyr standing on the pier, as the swords they fly and Mask captures Adria with a spell Zephyr strikes Mask down where he stands with a concentrated lightning binding spell that ties them together. As Mask goes down i drag him away while the other three battle hansol, i secure mask and then rejoin the fight, Adria goes down but by sheer strength of will she forces herself back up to continue the battle. And Zephyr once he is drained of the stronger aspects of his magic, he charges Hansol and strikes him down with a heavy Haymaker. But Hansol being far stronger than a normal human simply took the strike and got up once more and the battle continued, slowly Hansol was weakened more and more until finally Lok, whom was standing as a shieldwall together to block Hansol from getting back onto the ship. Bashes Hansol in the face with his shield and he goes down like a sack of potatoes.
Quickly i secure the ship while Lok guards the two prisoners, slowly but surely we get the ship out of the waterfall and sail towards the city whereupon we are greeted as heroes and meeting the city guards whom takes Hansol and Mask into custody. And we are invited to dine with the Lord, whom is dining with his family, a great honor to be bestowed upon us, and we dine with him as he asks us how that the we solved the problem. And as we regale him with our epic tale, as we finish the tale he offers us the chance to stay at his castle for some time while we recover our strength and Zephyr asks to if he might join the followers of Lok.

Takedown the Redband Leadership in their hideout.
Sail the ship to the city.
Turn over Mask and Hansol to the cityguard.
Go to the keep.
Meet the lord.
Rest and recover
Buying everything that is listed in shopping list



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