Adria Liadon

In your face fierce warrior mage




Alightment: Chaotic good

AC: 13
Weapons: rapier / moonstone

Spell save: 13

str: -1
dex: +3
Con: +1
int: +3
wis: +2
cha: -1


Int & wisdom saves.



Adria comes from a large family where she was the youngest of five siblings, Being the youngest of the five she was the jewel of her fathers eye and was always spoiled and pampered as Adria grew up she knew she had to live up to her fathers expectations of his youngest but in his mind most talented daughter. Each of Adria siblings showed great prowess in a specfic skill her oldest brother Themaris had prowess unlike no other with the bow. The next oldest Loralynn was unmatched in the ways of sorcery never before in elf memory had such a raw talent been seen. The middle child the daughter Philee being the middle child she was acustom from an early age to to settle disputes between her siblings and therefor grew up to the best diplomat the elf nation had seen.
The second youngest kaytleth showed unmatched potential with nature and the druid ways.

Now poor Adria had so much to live up to but unlike her siblings who just knew how to do there thing, Adria did not feel anything particular come to her, instead she studied the ancient ways of the wizards knowledge was indeed her power, feeling that this was not enough she trained with the blade as well hoping to one day to join the elite ranks the ancient order of nu’thar the spellsingers.

She trained under guidance of master Traric an ancient spellsinger and head of the spellsinger order.

Love Interests



At her 100th birthday Adria visited her woodland cousins the royal family of the wood elfs, while there studying there ways she especially took an interest in there medicine knowledge. She learned much from an elf called Caina who was also gifted with the “curse” of prophecy one evening Caina went into one of her trances there she spoke to Adria about the fall of her kingdom the death of her family and all her people, to prevent this she had to find the ancient artifacts of “soem cool name later” and gather them she does not know why or what it well prevent all she knows is that Caina has never been wrong and she must do it to save her home.

the happiness of her friends.

Hated enemies

The royal family has many enemies especially the house of the river who are next in line to rule the kingdom should something happen to you and your siblings.


Adria Liadon

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