Lo-Kag "The Fearless" Katho-Olavi.

Steadfast champion of the people.




Alignment: Lawful Good

AC: 16 (18)

Weapons: Long Sword Shield Javelin quarter staff

Spell save:

str: +3
dex: 0
Con: +3
int: -1
wis: -1
cha: +2


Charisma & wisdom



Lo-kag hails from a mountain on the outskirts of the empire at a young age while out hunting for food for his tribe he saw a band of fierce blood thirthy orcs on a raiding rampage, heading right for his tribes settlement, running with all his might he returned to the tribe before the orcs and managed to warn them, thereby saving everyone in the tribe.

On lo-kags tribe people where assinged the job they where best suited for, lo-kag became a hunter and one of the best, as such though all are equal in the great eyes of the gods in their socity people could not help but admire the fierce prowess of the hunters.

as suck Lo-kags view on the socity is different then most people of the empire which sometimes leads to some awkward yet hilarious situations.

Lo-kag always liked to roamed the mountains he yearned to see the world beyond the stone, the horizon he could see from the peaks. One day while exploring the mountains he found a diary with missing pages alouding to a great treasure sadly the missing pages is where the detials of the location was to be found. He wandered further and further away till he even came to the base of the mountain a rare thing for his people as he looked around the lush green forest nestled against the grey cold peak he had grown up in he saw a campfire in the early spring evening as he approached he heard a gruff voice “Who goes there, show yourself boy” Lo-kags was curious and went into the light, where he saw a man sitting in a plate armor with a great sword resting at his side in it’s scabard, the man was wearing a light blue cape very fancy looking lo-kag thought to himself what purpose could that serve a cloak is a cloak why all these markings.

the two fell in talk and soon became quite companionable lo-kag learned the strangers name was Gognor Spiritforge a paladin of the empire lo-kag had heard talks of the empire but in had never given it much thought, he and his tribe had been left alone in the mountains.

Lo-kag ended up joining gognor in his travels around the land, and he began to see the honor and merit in gognors work and calling, he saw the wisdom of the empire in the unity and peace the empire sought to bring to the land.

One day while he and gognor was travelling with a band of merchants heading for a coastel city they where attacked by very hungry vicious tigers while Lo-kag was ready to face these tigers with his usual determination Gognor told him to protect the back of the caravan and he trusted this old mans words and went there, to protect htme from a sneaky attack from behind, there lo-kag faced a tiger alone and defeated in single combat even though it was the largest tiger of them all. After wards Lo-kag thought to himself Well this pelt will make a fine cloak! Gognor had defeated all the other tigers but he we was impreesed with lo-kag and asked him to join his order, he impressed the important of the duty the life long oath he would have to take to the gods and the empire, that it could be a thankless job at times but a rewarding one, each master paladin may choose an apprentice he said, I have not had one for some time but I wish you to become my paladin learner, will you take up this task. Lo-kag saw the wisdom in doing and felt a great sense of pride to be chosen by this master he was more then willing.

Love Interests


To become a master paladin of the order to help those who cannot help themselves to seek justice in the empire. Protect the weak.

Hated enemies


Lo-Kag "The Fearless" Katho-Olavi.

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