Travelling log 3
Day 2 Continued

Log 3. Day 2
As Adria and Lok looks into checking out whether or not a leather armor can be refitted to fit. As they do so i silently i listen at the doors. And we locate their sleeping quarters and what could be their planning room.
We enter the sleeping quarter and start attacking the bandits that are trying to ambush us from in there, a full 40 bandits attempts to ambush us, and we heroically takes the fight.
I call upon the image of the Ancient Ghostdragon Frostwing and makes him roar, 20 or so of the bandits flee in terror from the room, leaving all that they have.
As thunder, lightning and Acid flies across the air, 12 of the bandits fall beneath the arcane Might of Zephyr and Adria.
The dragon continues to roar and the bandits stands there, in disbelief and spends quite some time trying to get their wits together. As they do so they all start firing at Lok, while Zephyr Hides behind the entrance and charging his spells behind the wall, stepping forth to unleash might of the storms upon the bandits. While Lok once more Charges unto the breach, With his shield held high, the Might of bahamut covering him in his divine embrace.
As adria attacks one of the once more places a bolt through her throat, but once more she heroically keeps fighting. Even as the battle continues one of the bandits once more stabs her through the stomach, right into where she previously was stabbed, and she goes down, and even as i move to try to get to her, Zephyr dashes past me with the speed of lightning and closes the wounds with the heat of lightning and throws lightning towards the last 2 standing bandits as 5 of the have fallen asleep during the battle. And one of them dies to the frostbite that slowly freezes his veins.
But as the last 5 stand they two more falls down as they keep trying to and the last 3 falls down as they. And as the last few falls down.
We search the room and find the exit that the 20 others have fled from, we start to interrogate the one that Lok captured. And he tells us that Hansol is behind the door with a few officers.
Meanwhile Adria Casts a Ritual of Detect magic.
And Lok in a fit of controllable Force throws a Bed that hits Zephyr, as i go to ask him to make sure to aim a bit better next time, that results me getting a bed to my face that knocks me on my ass. He Apologises like the good natured man that he is, and then we all 3 sit down and plot our plan of attack on Hansol.
As we finish our plotting, we find out that Hansol have anticipated, as we go to the lowest level and as we remove the guarding bandits, then Lok rips off the door and together with zephyr they shoot the door across the ground together with 6 bandits.
Following this we storm the ship. Lok Carrying me while i fire a Crossbow that i picked up from some of the bandits together with some bolts.
Adria Speeds ahead and stops the mask carrier as well as hansol from being able to throw the land bridge into the ocean. As Adria battles Mask and Hansol the rest of us rush up to her, Heroically she keeps them both at bay while Lok charges across the bridge. With me and Zephyr standing on the pier, as the swords they fly and Mask captures Adria with a spell Zephyr strikes Mask down where he stands with a concentrated lightning binding spell that ties them together. As Mask goes down i drag him away while the other three battle hansol, i secure mask and then rejoin the fight, Adria goes down but by sheer strength of will she forces herself back up to continue the battle. And Zephyr once he is drained of the stronger aspects of his magic, he charges Hansol and strikes him down with a heavy Haymaker. But Hansol being far stronger than a normal human simply took the strike and got up once more and the battle continued, slowly Hansol was weakened more and more until finally Lok, whom was standing as a shieldwall together to block Hansol from getting back onto the ship. Bashes Hansol in the face with his shield and he goes down like a sack of potatoes.
Quickly i secure the ship while Lok guards the two prisoners, slowly but surely we get the ship out of the waterfall and sail towards the city whereupon we are greeted as heroes and meeting the city guards whom takes Hansol and Mask into custody. And we are invited to dine with the Lord, whom is dining with his family, a great honor to be bestowed upon us, and we dine with him as he asks us how that the we solved the problem. And as we regale him with our epic tale, as we finish the tale he offers us the chance to stay at his castle for some time while we recover our strength and Zephyr asks to if he might join the followers of Lok.

Takedown the Redband Leadership in their hideout.
Sail the ship to the city.
Turn over Mask and Hansol to the cityguard.
Go to the keep.
Meet the lord.
Rest and recover
Buying everything that is listed in shopping list

Travelling log 2
day 2

Log 2. Day 2
After recuperating Lok and Adria Charges the guard and Cuts him apart before he sounds alarm, then we silently sneaks through the tunnels and locate a room where in there is a huge mechanical Contraption that produces a lot of electricity that streams through large coils and powered the defenses.
As me and Adria Clears the room and Lok decides to search the contraptions and locate a man down there, we decide that all living beings has a certain right to freedom and slavery is illegal in the entire realm. So as is just we release him from his captivity he Electrifies the two people that enter the room as he gets up, and after Lok once more demonstrates his iron clad self control that he has built up through his training and slowly defuses the situation and we find out that he is a Project from Hansol, whom considers Hansol to be his oppressor, and a man whom should be justly punished. By vote we decide that the smart move would be to let Zephyr join us, at least till we are back in the city, so that he can decide without being weighted down by what he feels that he owes us in a situation that could make it so that he could feel pressed to choose a certain way for his own safety.
And as we processed deeper into the hideout we locate a room with two gemstones on pedestals and a lightning kissed staff that Zephyr recognises as his, as some type of foci for his elementally focused arcane prowess.
Reunited with his staff he projects and aura that gives on the impression of the building storm around him, the air around him starts to crackle ever so slightly with the electric sparks of lightning.
The group ventures from the upper part of the base and locates the entry point into the cavern base itself, as Lok Kicks the doors in we stand ready to take all that is behind the door, and as the door they fall to the floor with the sounds of wood splintering upon iron and stone, Adria unleashes the essence of acid unto the guards that can do naught but stare in awe at the majestic image that is presented from the group.
As both are encased in the essence of all things acidic Lok and Adria Charges them and their compatriots, as we see 7 of them in at this level of the cavern, 2 of them standing on a bridge and three more in the other end of the room.
2 of them shoots at aria while the rest attempts to hit Lok, deeming me a non threat as i stand there with a cooking spoon. And not having spotted Zephyr.
As they charge Adria takes a Bolt to the throat and simply roars as challenge, the bolt visibly moving along with her Vocal Cords. Despite this She Continues her charge along with Lok, and they reach the bandits and strike them down where they stand as Zephyr unleashes the storms that they used to fuel their defenses unto them, instantaneously killing one of the 7. As they Fight i create the image of an brutal orc with blood flowing down his weapon to distract the enemies and to provide some Cover, not that it is needed for most of the battle, but the bandits do spend a lot of time trying to bring down the bloodied orc rather than Lok or Adria.
As they put the bandits to the sword, one of them cowardly stabs adria through the stomach despite dueling Lok, This results in Lok Knightley as he is pushing him away and cowering the space between adria and the bandit with his own body as i scurry up to her and bind her wounds while Lok and Zephyr takes the life of the remaining bandits.
Quickly she is stabilised and we clear one of the adjacent rooms as Lok brings her back with the Might bestowed upon him by the Dragon king Bahamut. Zephyr Rips the door from the wall with the power of the storms and we locate the quarters of Hansol, The Leader of the dissident Bandits. As we search the room Adria even finds his hidden shrine to Bane, the evil god of war. The lord of darkness. We manage to locate some of his papers and some merchant ledgers that shows from whom his organisation has stolen, as well as revealing that it is indeed a conspiracy, since he is being backed from someone from the city whom goes by the acronym of L. this L provides him with funding so that he can weaken the emperor’s cousin. As we find all that there is to find here, we continue to search the level and find an exit to the forest itself.
After having located this we proceed further down into the depths of the thieving den, the sound of the thundering waterfall symbolically reminding us of what will happen should we fall, as the water pounds the stone beneath, so shall these dissident bandits pound the city.
On the second floor we see that there are 8 guards loitering around.
Lok and Adrias takes the Charge once more, while Zephyr simply flings lightning directly at them, slowly burning them with the power of pure lightning as the gnats they are.
I follow behind Lok and Adria, Keeping them covered as well as i can with a few strategically placed clouds of darkness, making it impossible to see for the bandits some of the time. During the charge however, Adria once more gets struck by the cowardly bandits, once more with a bolt, this time through the stomach, after having shielded herself from the previous one with the arcane powers.
Once more however, she is tough enough that with a simple bandage and removal of the bolt is enough to keep her stable, i keep her covered and shield her from any further bolts with my body while Zephyr and Lok Clears out the last 2 bandits

Day 2. bullet points.
We kill the guard and take the alarm bell.
We Locate the Stormborn, Project Zephyr,
We locate Project Zephyrs Things.
We kick down the door to the Main Cavern room.
We kill guards. Adria goes down.
We locate and Loot Hansols room, Secret room with bane shrine, Letter from L. We Locate the Medium War Galleon.
We find Main exit into the Forest.
We go to the Second level.
We ambush 8 guards, and kill them. Adria goes down.

Travelling Log
Day 1

Travel Log
Log 1. Day 1.
As we stand on the Deck of the ship, The flow of the wind, we see the sun kiss the sea in the horizon as it slowly climbs it way unto the sky. Today is the day that we shall arrive at the great harbor city of Tamporial, home to the great Lord Picard.
Lok tells us how that the Lord Picard, Cousin to the great and esteemed Emperor, specifically asked the Highly decorated Knight Paladin Commander (Loks Master) whom decided that his apprentice the Mighty Lok-ag Katho-olavi would once more have the chance to prove his valor and his moniker, the Fearless.
As the letter indicates that the City Lord Picard is experiencing problems with dissidents, problems that are to great to handle with only his cityguard, and as such, he has petitioned his cousin, the great Emperor, to send the most able help that he has, to which we have received the honor of being chosen as.
A bit before midday the flow of the wind docks in the Harbor, while the ship is coming to a standstill Lok performs a great leap from the deck of the ship unto the mooring.
We get our Wagon placed in a stable, where we have met the most peculiar stable boy with the name of Jens. he seems to be afflicted with something that have crushed his leg, most likely as he was wrangled a horse, the large and brutal beasts that they are.
During our traversing of the city, and picking up some sorely needed supplies on the way to the Castle, Loks eagle eye catches a young boythief as he attempts to steal some bread, and he then delivers the thief unto the city guard so that justice may be dispensed by those whom have been entrusted with the responsibility of such petty matters.
As we meet the Lord Picard in all of his crowned baldness as he welcomes us to his city and thanks us as well as promising a reward for taking care of his problem with
A Meeting with the Guard captain shows us a wall of bounty posters, showing just how desperate that the situation is. One stands out as being especially dangerous, one by the name Hansol, as it turns out he is the leader of Dissident Bandits slowly strangling the economic lifeblood out of the city by Capturing merchant goods and even going so far as to capturing a fully armed War Galleon that they use to plunder and sink Merchant ships as well as patrol ships that try to track it, and despite having searched up and down the coast they have found nothing, and the bandits they have captured have proven to have a will of steel so pure that they have yet to give the guards any information and die before they surrender anything, the guard Captain even admits that some of them have been killed inside of their cells without his orders, so they must have infiltrated his guards.
We decided to gather some information in the one of the local Ale establishments where we find nothing but a dishonest innkeeper.
As we finish hashing out the details we start travelling out into the woods, taking only the bare necessities for taking care of this.
As we follow the large path suddenly 8 bandits attempts to ambush us and a mighty arcane spell slings through the air, taking out half of them in an instant, as 2 of the strikes Lok the the other two charges adria, as they reach her one of them hits her as she calls upon the arcane energies to shield her from the first, but the second one sneakily manages to sneak his sword around the arcane shield.
Afterwards those two also falls to the ground as i start to tie up the first four as Lok an Adria Heroically chases down the last two, and strategically chooses to let one flee so that might later track them down to their hide place.
As the two that attacked adria are executed we start to make the prisoners talk Lok Heroically persuades them to give us the information
And in between i ask them for advice on the best types of food around here that could be used for dinner.
Two of them remain loyal to their leader and are put to death for it, the last two are given 2 coppers each after they have told us all that they can about the hideout and how many people they are, they are quite amicable towards us and quickly tells us all that they know and about the defenses and even about the secret back entrance to the their main hideout, they even start to tell how that the organisation here is only a part of a larger one and how that it is so large that simply here they number more than a hundred man.
So after Lok decides that the Just thing to do is to let them go, after that they have forsworn ever to do crime or even be near criminals upon the punishment of death, and i have cleaned his and Adrias weapons as well as clothing from the blood of the bandits.
We then travel in the direction that they so helpfully pointed out we find a river, far to large to cross, so we follow it up stream, and as i stand in the shade of Lok i manage to see a turn in the river, a turn through which there runs a line of rocks.
But alas, we decide that there is no reason to risk it, since there must surely be a bridge further up, and a small hour later we find the brigde, as we pass the bridge we noticed the sparkling eyes of two monsters, as Lok and Adria Heroically Charge them down and slay them where they stand as they try to flee, Adria even goes so far as to Throw her sword as one of them, but as the coward it is, it dives beneath the water. But Lok feeds his shield to one of them and his sword to the other and they fall beneath the waves. And as they search the dwelling of the Foul Troglodytes we find that they live in a nest of human bones, and they even find Gold pieces and even a Malachite of some value there.
As we traverse further towards the largest tree in the forest we find the large tree. From which we locate tracks leading towards an outcropping, in which there is hidden a wooden door, hidden from sight behind some bushes, like true coward would do, a coward’s door, that shall lead to the doom of the cowards.
As we open it with The Key, so named is the Crowbar that Lok carries around. He and Adria activates the defensive force field that the cowards use adrian sadly is hurt somewhat badly by the lightning while that Lok manages to ground himself through sheer force of while and manages to go through it unharmed. After this cowardly trap we manage to enter and we find an underground tunnel with torches and some doors, the tunnel turns a bit down but there are two doors. Both of which leads to stockrooms and around the bend where there is a guard, so far down that one has to go through one of the stock rooms to get him before he alerts the entire base.
But wounded as Adria is, we decide to recuperate a bit in the fursthest stock room.

Bullet points:

Day 1.
Arrive at Tamporial.
Stable the Wagon.
Meet Lord Picard.
Meet Captain of the Guard.
Go the the Inn,
Innkeeper is a dishonest man.
Go into the woods.
8 Man Ambush. 1 Flee
Interrogation of the surviving 4. Psychologically break 1 down and let him go. Let 1 go still with his sanity. Learn of Defense Field, And back entrance.
Track the one that fled.
Find the beach with the entrance.
Go back up. And locate the marker for the back entrance.
Large river between.
Find a passing. Then a brigde further up
Bridgde-Troglodyte Fight. Very rich Troglodytes.
Find the Back Entrance.
Adria goes down from the trap. Lok-ag Stands tall. And heals Adria.
We get into the underground Bandit lair.
We Locate 2 storage rooms. And a guard.
We rest in the smallest of the storage rooms.

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