Svirfle Gemgazer

Camp making extraordinaire



Drow sign language

Alightment: Chaotic good

AC: 12
Weapons: rapier / moonstone

Spell save: 13

-1 str
+1 dex
+2 con
+3 int
+2 Wis
-1 Cha


Int & wisdom saves.


The first day of my life, i have been told it was a simple day like every other. A simply day in the mines for my father, a bit of sewing for my mother, at least until she went into labour, I have since then been told that it was my older sister whom ran to get help from the midwife, whom now i think about it, i never actually learned her name.
The labour went on for almost a whole cycle but once i was born my siblings were fast asleep and my father had come home to see my mother in labour.
He was still young and spry back then, a simple 70 years old man back then. I recall him swearing loudly once i got older about how that some of the fluids got onto his mustache.
My father, long may he live, Firble of the Clan Gemgazer, Had given me the crib that was once his while my mother, long may her beauty last, Schnella of the Clan Gemgazer nee Seamfinder, created the cloth i needed to cover my body from the chilled winds of our cavern city, she was quite gentle in taking care of me while i was still a little toddler. I was not until i came into my teens that i learned that she was actually twice the age of my father back when i was born.
While growing from a small toddler to a young boy she rarely let my sister take care of me, she did not seem to entirely trust her, or so i guessed back then, later i learned the truth, it was not a matter of not trusting my sister, she did trust my sister, she trusted my sister to make sure that i would get lost, so she could get both of our parents attention fully again.
They decided that the best solution was simply to get another child, so within the year i had a younger brother. He is 6 years younger than me. And not really intersted in seeing whom can throw rocks the furthers. Or whom can run away from the violet mushrooms the best, he seems to be completely devoid of a sense of fun.
But darn if it was not fun to try and scare him with telling quite often that something was a darkmantle, and if he did not watch out, then it would swoop down and chomp on his head.
It was quite fun trying to scare him and see how gullible he could be, but all good things come to and end sadly, and so did this little game.
My parents dragged me to church the first few times, the Church of pelor, a church that was there in the hope that his light might shine upon us and let our mushroom farms grow fast and wide, and be protected from vermin.
Slowly i started to the church myself, without my family, i went there and prayed for good fortune for my family.
During the teenage year i started going out amongst other people and helped my father some in the mine. This was also where i started tasting the different types of ale, it was hard work, some ale that took the egde off, and also during this time where i lost my virginity to a sweet little girl named Nalvarti, we did fool a bit around after this for a few years and it was quite pleasent, she did teach me what she liked, and how to act with a woman, and more importantly, how to not act.
It was during this time that i meet Walschud, he was an adult that took his time to show me a few tricks, like how to clean the my clothing of dust and other aspects that would soil my clothing and alot of other this, did could also help.
I started spending more time with Walschud, and started hanging out around his place, learning different small useful cantrips and learning how to make the most of them. During the months i started to notice different people coming by, slowly i started to become his apprentice, at the age of 17 i officially became his apprentice.
This was the start of a few happy and fun years.
Learning how to use magic, and more importantly, how to not use magic, that magic is not the first solution, but simply something that is used to supplement other actions.
He was also one that took me in when my father ended in a coma when the mine he worked in had a cavein.
My mother went back to her family with my younger brother, and i must honestly admit, that to this day, i do not know where that my sister is, i hope to one day find her again.
But this event was what trigger my promotion to an actual agent of the Magi Faction.
A silver lining in the cloud that was my fathers death.
I gathered a few items and some gold i got from Walschud to buy the things that are needed.
After traveling a bit around my wagon got stuck in a hole, this was where i meet a what i thought back then a weird elf, which turned out be a moon elf. Whom i called out for help to, and she happily agreed to help, though while contemplated a walking mountain appeared and hearty laugh moved my wagon, as he would a small rock.
We travelled to the closest city and and i gave a bit of ale, and we started talking a bit.
We talked a bit, and i learned that the elf was a scholarly of the arcane studies, though not a member of the faction that i am in, i have yet to approach her of why, though i will have to do so, by the name of Adria liadon(pronounced Leadon) aka Moonie
The Walking mountain, whom it turned out was a Goliath with bones as strong as stones, and outside his body by the name of Lok-Ag in our tongue and Lo-kag Katho-olavi, known as the Fearless, in his own. A Paladin of Bahamaut. A set of finer travellers companion i would be pressed to find.
A Grand Journey is ahead of us.
To find the knowlegde and master the arcane mastery.

Svirfle Gemgazer

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